The Every Little Bit Project


I can’t believe I’m actually writing my very first blog post ever.

We are on the 7th day of 2018 and last night I broke one of my new year’s resolutions… to stop body-shaming myself. I looked at myself in my full-body mirror, in the dim yellow lighting of my bedroom and squeezed my lower back fat with disgust. Mind you, I’m a personal trainer. I workout almost every day and I eat¬†fairly¬†healthy so, yes, I’m in good shape. But that still doesn’t stop me from comparing myself to others’ and being my own worst critic.

Once I realized that I had body-shamed myself, I slapped my wrist, flexed my bicep in the mirror, and reminded myself that I’m a strong, bad-ass b*tch. I then stepped into the scalding hot shower and reflected on my day. I started thinking about how shitty it is that we constantly feel the need to compare ourselves to the chick we follow on Instagram with the rock hard abs and tight ass. And then I thought about how the chick with the rock hard abs and tight ass probably compares herself to the other chick SHE follows on Instagram with the 20k plus followers and perfect, perky breasts.

Let’s face it… it’s bullSHIT.

Upon pondering these thoughts of beauty comparison I decided that I was going to try and love EVERY. LITTLE. BIT. of myself. My stretch marks, my anxiety, my love handles, my chronic illness, my skin, my depression. EVERY. LITTLE. BIT. Because once I can learn to embrace all of these things I consider my personal “flaws,” then I will truly be able to be comfortable in my own skin and in my own mind.

But I KNOW I’m not alone in this battle with loving myself. That’s why I wanted to start this challenge. To let people know that there are other people out there who are constantly fighting the demons that take away the full capacity of happiness they could have all the time.

I’m not sure where this will go. But I’m determined to at least make a few people feel connected and start their journey to loving themselves fully. So please… reach out to me. I’m not even joking. I don’t care if I have never met you, talked to you, anything! I want you to know that I am here for you. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this. We have got to let the world know that we ARE NOT HERE for their crushing beauty and societal standards.

Take this walk with me and let’s learn how to passionately LOVE every. little. bit. of ourselves.


With love,


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