Guilt by Gluttony

**Disclaimer** This post is not referring to any eating disorder’s. This is specifically about food guilt. I may talk about eating disorder’s in another post someday.

Now that the holidaze are over let’s talk food guilt. The type of food guilt a ton of people feel on a regular basis. The food guilt that crushes our happiness and joy directly after eating 5 cookies. The food guilt that makes you think you have to workout for an extra hour in exchange for eating a cheeseburger.  Yeah, that bitch.

It’s a ~~~figure of your imagination~~~.

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Your best friend’s sister’s girlfriend has done it. The holiday’s make us feel especially guilty but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the day to day, week to week, month to month food guilt that we feel.

Now, I eat pretty healthy. For the most part. Most of the time. Like 89%. Whatever. I go through bouts of weighing my food on a scale. Then three days later saying f**k it and grabbing a burger at In-N-Out on the way home from the gym. Then I’m like, “oh well… I’d rather eat these 4 donuts than be shredded anyway.” And THEN I have a moment of “damn it, Emmaline! Eat some freaking kale, your muffin top is blossoming.”

We feel this. This is real. And this is mentally unhealthy and draining. You are going to eat what you want, when you want, to feel okay. If you have goals to look a certain way then that’s your personal prerogative and you should do your best to stick to your plan to achieve those goals. I have a goal right now to have bigger, more defined muscles. So my goal is to eat clean and eat more. Both are troubling for me but it’s a goal that I’ve set for myself and I plan on attaining it. There are going to be times where I fail in this. I love sweets and I also don’t eat enough throughout the day. I feel it too. When I’m a few hours into work I start to feel extremely hungry and weak and I’ll start to wish that I would’ve eaten just a little bit more before I went in to work.

If you don’t have any specific goals, then why would you let eating something greasy make you feel like you’ve done something wrong? The only person criticizing you for your food choices is yourself. If someone else is then they can go fly a kite because it is absolutely NONE of their business. Don’t hide in your car at the far end of a parking lot to eat the french fries you got because it sounded good. Eat those wherever you want! Honestly. The people that see you eating those french fries will probably just wish they were eating some too.

FOOD GUILT IS A MADE UP THING. If you don’t have specific, personal goals. What you eat doesn’t matter. It’s your business. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for eating something unhealthy. You don’t need to go on a run after. You don’t need to only eat salad afterwards for a week. You don’t need to post on Instagram or Facebook about how you ate like shit today in order to punish yourself.

I should say that I’m not condoning an unhealthy lifestyle. I’m just not for an unhealthy mindset. As a person who works in the fitness world, I believe that food is fuel and is what helps us feel the best we can feel. But as a person who is receiving her education in psychology, I believe that food isn’t everything when it comes to our view we have of ourselves.

Make the choices you want to make. Do your best to love yourself through that pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Have a healthy body but have a healthy mind as well. We only have these parts of us for so long, so you might as well do what feels right.

Today my #everylittlebit that I love about myself are my thick thighs. They’re strong, voluptuous, and beautiful. They crush the heads of judgmental people. 🙂

What’s your #everylittlebit?

With Love,


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