Badass Boss Bitch Day


How about you? Of course you love women. We’re the best. The future is intersectional. Everyone knows this. And I’m not just referring to ciswomen. I’m talking about allllll of you beautiful fucking WOMEN out there. Honestly… we put up with a lot of shit for existing. We’re expected to look “put together.” We are expected to be able to have a thriving career. We are expected to be able to raise children. We are expected to WANT children. Curves. No curves. Make-up but NOT TOO MUCH. Dress like a modest sex goddess (wtf even is that??). And don’t even bother searching for a significant other if you can’t cook for shit. You all know… the typical BS that is expected of us.

Let me tell you something. We are ALL worthy. We’re so worthy, that they don’t deserve us. But the thing is is that we need to continue to remind each other of this. There is literally no point in the year of 2018 and in the future to put another woman down. EVER. We already get harassed and degraded daily from other people. We don’t need that from each other. Pick each other up when we’re down, support one another, hype each other up. Our world is really starting to hear our voices and we need to get even louder.

I may be biased but I have THE best women in my life. From my mom to my sister to my aunts and cousins and best friends and friends and mentors and clients and gym buddies. They are truly all the raddest and the baddest. I hope you have those women out there for you too. It’s life-changing. Then of course there are all the insanely beautiful and strong women in history who have helped us get to where we are today.

Yes, we as women have come a very long way. But we still have a long, long ways to go and I don’t plan on stopping until I can’t go anymore. Fight for each other. Be there for each other. Love each other.

Because together, we are a force to be reckoned with.


we all move forward

when we recognize how resilient and  striking

the women around us are. 

rupi kaur

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