10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

1. Put on your favorite music and dance.

I know… how cliché. But this actually works for me, personally. Maybe it helps that I’m an actual dancer… either way do it! It feels good. Dancing gets those endorphins going and music is awesome, especially if you like it.

2. Get all dolled up just because.

I work from home during the day and I’m a personal trainer at night so usually I’m not wearing much make-up and I’m ALWAYS in comfy clothes (not complaining) but sometimes I just want to look like a human being who has their life together. When ya look good, ya feel good, right? Slap some glitter on your face, smear on some lipstick and go to Target or somewhere else that cheers you up.

3. Treat yourself to your favorite sweet treat.

Get yourself some frozen yogurt, or a piece of pie, or a pizookie! You deserve it! And in moderation, desserts won’t kill you. So let yourself be and eat the damn cookie.

4. Call your best friend, or your mom, or someone else you’re close to.

Whenever I’m in a funk I call my mom or my best friend. Whenever I’m feeling shitty about myself they always find a way to get me back to feeling like my fiery self again. We don’t need other people to make us happy but sometimes you just need some words of affirmation from someone who loves you to remind you that, duh, you’re the baddest of all asses.

5. Lay on a blanket outside.

Look up at the sky and breathe in the fresh air. Feel that giant universe around you. Get grounded and back to your roots. Mother Earth has always been there for you, remember that.

6. Cook up a good meal for yourself.

Pour a glass of wine, put on some Ella Fitzgerald, and make your favorite meal. Spending that time with yourself and putting good food into your body is sure to lift some spirits. And if not, pour yourself another glass of wine.

7. Clean your room.

It sounds dreadful at first but once it’s done, you’ve accomplished something and you have clear space to think and breathe. Even if it’s a small accomplishment, you’ve done it and it needed to be done. My mind feels extra cluttered when my room is in the same state. Clean room, clear mind. Or at least it might start to clear up a bit.

8. Write letters to the people you love.

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that there are people out there who love you and who you love back. So, let them know it. Writing positive words down, even if it’s about someone else, will bring you back to a place of optimism. Get the negative thoughts out. Plus, I don’t know about you but I think it feels SO good when I can make others feel good as well.

9. Make a list of the good things in your life.

When we are down in the dumps it’s easy to ONLY think about everything that’s going wrong in your life. But remember that there are good things too. There has to be. Even if it’s something small. Like, your dog resting it’s head on you while you’re falling asleep or the extra long hug your friend just gave you.

10. Plan a weekend trip.

Even if you don’t plan on actually taking this trip for a while. Plan it out. Don’t start thinking about the money factor because that’s just stressful. Just plan a fun little weekend trip with friends or a significant other and then start writing down how you can make it happen. Manifestation, people.


We all get so caught up in the parts of life that suck. Take time to step back, breathe, focus on the good, and expel the bad. There’s only so much time we have to live our lives. So, we might as well do our best to live it without the extra weight of doubt and negativity on our shoulders. Go out, enjoy life, and love every little bit of yourself.


With Love,


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