Mirror Talk

How many mirrors do you have in your house? One in each bathroom? One in each bedroom? Me… I have four in my bedroom alone… I also spent many years of my life in front of a mirror during dance rehearsal or class. I’m not going to lie when I say that I almost ALWAYS glance at a mirror when I walk past one. And I’m pretty sure you can’t tell me you don’t do the same.

A few weeks ago, I got a new full-length mirror that hangs on the back of my bathroom door in our bedroom and my first thought when I looked in it after hanging it up was, “Great. A fat mirror.”

More often than not when I’m getting ready for bed at night, I’ll wash my face then stare at the dark spots, blemishes, and blackheads on my face and tell myself that I look like shit.

When I’m wearing a pair of jeans (I never wear jeans) I look at myself and I think, “your legs are too big and your hips are too wide.”

I step out of the shower and stare at the cellulite and stretch marks on my ass like they’re some horrific thing that suddenly showed up on my body.

This is a problem. There’s a lot to be blamed for it being a thing but the fact is, is that we do it. We constantly talk shit on ourselves when we’re supposed to be our number one supporters. The goal is to get past this obsession we have with demeaning our own skin. So, when you look at yourself in the mirror and find a flaw, think about something else about yourself that you love. I don’t mean something that you love about your personality. I mean something you love about yourself physically. Because let’s face it… feeling great about yourself starts on the inside but it reflects on the outside and if you don’t love your “flaws” then it’s going to be damn hard to love yourself completely.


Don’t worry. I’ll start.

My blemishes, dark spots, and blackheads can be taken care of with a different skin regimen, hormonal balance, and my diet. But they don’t cover the entirety of my skin. I love the tone of my skin. It has olive-green undertones and it gets darker very easily in the summer. My skin is soft and a big portion of it is covered in art that is special to me.

My legs look big in jeans because they are muscular. I can squat way more than my own body weight. They allow me to jump, walk, run, and dance. My hips look wide because I am a woman and women generally have hips. *gasp* They curve, and they make me look shapely, which I think is sexy.

I have cellulite, big f*cking deal. So does everyone else in this world. Some people just happen to be really good at airbrushing their photos. Seriously… I have seen BABIES with cellulite. Their cute little hamchop legs squeeze together and little cellulite pops up and it’s adorable. I have stretch marks because my ass grew quickly. Which I am NOT complaining about and I will continue to grow my peach and gain more tiger stripes until the day I no longer can.

We are all our own worst critic and I am determined to help at least one person realize that if they want to live a fulfilling life then they need to FEEL themselves. Your flaws are a part of you. It’s the raw, real you. And there is nothing better than being yourself. I promise to do better with cutting the negative mirror talk out of my life and replacing it with a “DAMN, GIRL.”

Just… work on not being so mean to yourself. These bodies are all we have to physically represent ourselves. You are so beautiful. Love your body. Love every little bit of it.

With love,


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