25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years

Yesterday I turned a whopping 2-5. While 25 is still very young, I’m starting to get a grasp on what aging really means. When I was younger I used to think that by 25 I’d have a steady career, a husband, I’d be starting a family, living in a mansion, and just frankly, having my shit together. But GUESS WHAT. None of that has happened for me yet and I’m really okay with it. I can feel my life getting better each day. While there are things that knock me down, I am always able to get back up. I may be using a keyboard pad right now to elevate my wrists so as not to irritate my arthritis, but I still have so much to learn and life to live! I’ve learned quite a bit in my 25 years but here are just a few of them…

1.Don’t be afraid to follow your heart.

2. Take care of others but make sure to take care of yourself too.

3. Adopting a pet, any pet, will change your life.

4. Knowing your worth is essential to being a boss ass bitch.

5. True love is one of the scariest beauties you will ever experience.

6. Forgiving is hard, but holding a grudge is harder.

7. If something doesn’t feel right with your health, get it checked out.

8. Have intention with everything you do. 

9. Trust your instinct, always.

10. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re incapable of doing something.

11. Kindness and empathy gets you far and makes for great relationships.

12. When in doubt, wear the lipstick.

13. Genuinely smile at people in passing, say hello. If they give you a weird look then they’re just an asshole.

14. Make sure you always tell the people you love, that you love them. 

15. Celebrate the little things in life!

16. Try to be present. Don’t dwell on the past or the future too much.

17. Look at the world more than you look at your phone.

18. If you don’t want to get your college degree, then don’t.

19. But if you do want to get it… you’re never too old to start.

20. Be open to learning new things. 

21. You’re never going to look like that person you follow on Instagram. Even they don’t look like that.

22. Find that one or those few people in life that you can vent to and who won’t judge you. 

23. Make exercising a habit. As much as you don’t want to sometimes, your body will thank you later.

24. Being drunk lasts the night. Being hungover lasts the week.

25. Never be ashamed of who you are. Always show pride for your identity, work, beliefs, and where you come from.  

There ya have it! My 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years! Well… those are the main points anyway.

With love,


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